About The Book


Most of us are familiar with the phrase “God does not call the qualified but qualifies those He calls.” This is a true statement intended to help us realize God’s plans for us often exceed how we perceive ourselves. While it is intended to encourage fulfillment of an unimaginable purpose, it still can leave us somewhat in a quandary. “So how does He qualify me?” Will I recognize the process? How do I work with it or surrender to it when the path seems unclear? What am I supposed to do?”

Through the life of Gideon and through Jesus’s training of the disciples, From Fear to Faith helps us understand God’s process for strengthening faith so that we fulfill our life’s purpose. Janelle Templeton unfolds the biblical pattern for discovering deep truths about the presence and power of God in our lives. This book is intended to inform and guide those who have a hunger for spiritual intimacy with God. It is also a study to equip us for ministry leadership and service.

God often uses a surrendered servant to deliver a deliverer who then restores others from fear to faith. Which one of these are you? Which one is God calling you to be? This study cultivates our hearts to find these answers and more of God through the process.


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